A Star is Born Book Review


This book is a remake of the interesting film 'A Star is Born' by the lead actors, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.
The book depicts love, emotions, thrills, depression, and drug addiction. A young talented lady, Ally (Lady Gaga) sings in a bar and came across this handsome guitarist and singer, Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper)

What swept me off my foot was the fact that Jackson believed so much in Ally more than she did believe in herself. Jackson always gets amazed by her performance and takes her to stage. They fall in love. Unfortunately, Jackson's addiction begins to affect their love and his career. 

Why you need to read 
The Star is Born is obviously a book to reminisce. It teaches and counsels on addictions. It also enables us to believe in ourselves and give way for our potentials, which we must have long embedded in ourselves, to spring out. Jackson made a way for Ally to be noticed and this got the whole world amazed by her deep songs.

My rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
First Publisher: Warner Books
Pages: 236
ISBN: 0446842141
Author: Alexander Edwards  
First Published Year: 1976