She Means Business Book Review


Happy International Women's Day! For women, of course for men too, this is a very special day. Carrie has made this day very resourceful by writing this book about her ambitious spirit and I can't wait for you to read.
In her book, she points out the challenges of starting a business  and the determination a creative woman needs to reach her goals. As a challenge to many, she started her first online business at age 20.

My review

Unlike many autobiographies which is mainly for self boasting, Carrie's book is so motivating and teachable. She wrote many things that made me smile and believe in myself. Her life challenges talk about what many women pass through and this is surely a must read for all women. 

My rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Publisher: Hay House UK 
Year: 2017
Author: Carrie Green